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Afghan Community & Cultural Association Of Ireland
Community's Annual report 2005

The annual report was launched by Nasruddin saljuqi the Chair person of the community in Wynn’s Hotel on Saturday 7th April 2006 from 2.30 to 4.30  pm.


The event chaired by Sultan Kabir Chakari and he Asked Saljuqi to to inform the community members about his voluntary activities during the year 2005.


In introduction Saljuqi welcome the members for the meting participation and thanked the support of his member by giving important comments , suggestion and encouragement which enable him to be more active.

To aware the community Saljuqi prepared a presentation  on the screen and talked on the following topics:


-         Role of the government and nongovernmental organization and volunteer organization in different countries.

-         Afghan community activities in Ireland in 2005.

-         \Introducing Afghan culture in Irish society.

-         Presenting financial report.

-         Role of the community for attending , meetings, Siminar, festival, research which were organized by NGO and governmental organization.

-         Answer to the direct crisis.


In conclusion Saljuqi evaluated the community activities positive during a year and he encouraged the qualified member to be active in voluntary activities based on their knowledge individually and collectively.


Sultan Kabir Chakari who represented Afghan asylum seekers appreciate community activities and welcome other Afghan association who can run such cultural program.