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Afghan Community & Cultural Association Of Ireland

Community's Annual report

The annual report launched by Nasruddin Saljuqi the chairperson of the community in Equality Authority on Friday 15th April 2005 at 2.3o pm in a meting.


The event chaired by Enayatullah Shafaq and asked Saljuqi to aware the community members about his voluntary activities during a year. In introduction Saljuqi welcome the members for the meting participation and thanked the support of his members by giving important ideas and their encouragement which enable him to be more active. To aware the community activities he prepared a presentation on the screen and talked on the following subjects:


-         History of the Afghan community in Ireland.

-         Ireland and immigrant.

-         The participation of the community is more than 50 seminars, meetings, festival, event conferences.

-         Publishing Afghan culture in Irish society by presenting exhibition, booklet leaflet and media.

-         The report of the proposed plan in the meeting, seminars, conferences which was held by governmental and none governmental organization.

-         The receipt of 4200 euro fund and the expenditure report.

-         Future strategic plan for next year.

-         Launch of the Web site.


In conclusion Saljuqi evaluate the community activities positive during a year and he encourage the qualified member to be active in voluntary activities based on their skill  knowledge individually and collectively.


Due to the community constitution a person elected as a chair who himself be ready to chair the community based on his ability. The community asked every body who wish  to be nominate himself every year when there is no applicant the committee continue for one year. As we couldn’t find a nominee so the committee will continue the activity  as before.


Another part of the meeting was question and answers comment and suggestion. The questions answered by the chairperson and his councilor. The meting end at 4.30 pm.