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Afghan Community & Cultural Association Of Ireland
Khoshal music concert


Dun Laoghaire festival of world culture took place from 25th to 27th August 2006. The festival was the largest festival which performed cultures from 50 countries such as music, theatre, Art,, religious talk and tradition customs..


The word of culture has a long description. To summarize this word we can say that culture is the collection of traditional costume , religion, sciences , education, etc and all mankind practice culture in their day to day life. So in this case we all living in cultural world and we share our experiences and knowledge with each other.


There are more than sixty nationality who are living in Ireland fortunately this festival gave a good opportunity to  all nationalities to promote their culture and present example of the culture for the others.


Afghan community of Ireland is delighted to participate in this festival and could present Afghan music and traditional costume. With the cooperation of the festival team a group of Afghan musician in the name of Khoshal music invited from Hamburg Germany to perform Afghan traditional and local music


Khoshal music is the brainchild of Alisha Sadozaie an Afghanistan music icon who was first broadcast on Kabul Radio when he was 13 years old. Sadozaie is the Master of Tableh ,Rubab and harmonium. He immigrated to Germany in 1975 and is teaching Afghan music in Hamburg musical school. During his life he had a number of concerts in United state of America, Germany , Holland Switzerland and Prog.


Khoshal joined three other musician from Hamburg and Dublin. One of the band was Hakim Saniehi who lives in Dublin and was former Afghan Radio television singer . Tow other members are armature player . Engineer Mirwais Ashofteh Tableh player and Dr. Mike Wasse Hagi Zadeh Organ player.


One of the event in this festival was international custom show which 32 nationalities could show their traditional dress. This event was performed in Assembly room where hundreds visitor enjoyed watching this show. In this show Afghan exile Ali Zadran represent a model of Afghanistan custom.


As traditional custom is one of the most complex and intriguing achievement in creating of a nation, it should be mention that we can find different traditional dress in different provinces of Afghanistan especially in North, South, East and west which would have a long history.


The festival hosted 200000 visitors from Ireland and round the world. Among the  visitors we could find tow particular researcher on Afghan music who are active in Europe.

 Professor John Baily who is the professor of Ethnomusicology in Goldsmith College London.


John is the reader of world music in the university and also the head of department of Afghan music. John Baily and his wife Veronica Doubleday spend 2 years in Afghanistan  especially in Heart province . John learned the Rubab and Dotar toe traditional musical instrument from Heart and his wife learned playing Tambourine and singing Herati local songs.  As this couple had a long research John wrote a book about Afghan ethnomusicology and Herati professional singers and his wife wrote about three women of Heart these books are available in any library in the world.


Another guest Mr. Haroon Yousufi who is a journalists, writer , poet and an armature singer came from London to have report for world BBC news. Haroon recorded the most program of the festival and broadcasted to  Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan where Persian language is spoken. Million of Persian listeners enjoyed this festival from BBC world news.


Haroon Yousufi  studied literature in Kabul university and then worked in department of Art and literature in Afghan radio television and then immigrated in London and he is working for BBC world news Persian section. He runs a program in the name of Studio number 7 and in this program he sport and encourage Afghan musicians every week.


He interviewed Ali Zadran. Jamilah Shafaq who are based in Dublin and also interviewed   the Afghan music performer in the festival.


Finally on behalf the Afghan community of Ireland I would like to thank the festival director and  manager and festival team Jody Auckland, Jane Davy, Jessica McConon and all other team who support our community program in the festival. Many thanks for Haroon Yousofi , John Baily and  the Afghan musicians who came from long way to perform the music.


I hope such event bring a good integration  in Irish society and rest of the world.