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Afghan Community & Cultural Association Of Ireland
About Us


Nasrudin Saljoqi

I was born in heart-Afghanistan in 1956. After I finished primary and secondary school, I studied literature in Kabul university.

I worked for ministry of telecommunication from 1973-1990 as officer, member and director in different offices because of communist regiem I moved from Afghanistan to Iran in 1990.

I was a teacher in Afghan refugee school for one year later on I employed in Afghan general consulate in Mashhad which is part of Afghan Embassy in Tehran. I worked there for 7 Years until 2000.

I arrived in Ireland on 22 November 2002 with my family.


Cultural Activities  


 In Afghanistan:

As I came from a cultural family my father was poet and he wrote 3 books of

poetry when I finished university I wrote my monograph about my father and his poetry and I could publish some of his poetry and his biography.


 In Iran          

 I was organiser and producer especially in field of Art so I could set up association from Afghan refugee musicians and Actors who district. I organized them concerts and drama for them.

a)    I prepared a small publication in the name of a music and theatre in Emigration land after that this publication in creased and become a book with more that 300 pages and it is going to be publish in Iran

b)  I had ten interview about Heart Afghanistan sightseeing and historical places which were broadcasted trough radio Dari Khourasan in 1990. After each interview Afghan refugee.

c) Musician had sing song about each sightseeing.

d) I had interview about music and teacher in Afghanistan with Afghan refugee magazine and give some article to the magazine.


 In Ireland:           

 As Irish people are sociable and friendly it cased that I could participated in Multi Media cultural Festival between Dublin and Massachusetts as the guest of Nation. This Festival was set up by gween Mc Namara who had a contact with me in This Festival I could display Afghan calligraphy in civic museum.

a)   I had interview with Sunday world , Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Radio one world National Radio morning Ireland, and T.V, RTE Tv1- Tv3- About Afghanistan situation and Afghan culture.

b)  Attending an international exhibition for refugee day and displaying Afghan women craft.

c) Giving articles about Afghan culture to Metro monthly cultural paper which Is published in Dublin.

d)  Set up Afghan cultural association of Ireland.

While in Ireland I have also compiled the following books. For a full list of publications, see the Research page.

  • Music of Afghanistan: Professional Musicians in the city of Herat. Compiled by Professor John Baily. Translated and footnoted in Persian by Nasruddin Saljuqi. This book contains a musical CD which was recorded by John Baily between 1970-'74 and has been reproduced by Saljuqi in Dublin (2010). This book is published by the Ministry of Art & Culture in Afghanistan. The book can be found in Bihaqi Bookstore and Ehrari Bookstore in Herat, Afghanistan. The cover can be viewed by clicking here

Caligraphy Publication (click to download)

  • Compiling and publishing the book Music and Theatre in Herat Afghanistan compiled by Nasruddin saljuqi. This book was published by Toos publisher company in Tehran. The cost of the publishing was funded by International Centre for Dialogue among civilization in Tehran, Iran. This book published in 2200 copies and on the sale. A few of this book is on the sale in the Toos book store which is located in front  of Tehran university.

  • Compiling and publishing a book Beauties of Art including the biography of Herati calligrapher and miniature painter from Timurid Kingdom till now. The book was published in Tawana Publisher House in Herat Afghanistan in 2007. This book can be found in Ibn Arabi Book Store beside Herat Public Library in Park Gulha in Herat Afghanistan.   

  • Preparing a small publication about the history of calligraphy in Galway library.

  • Compiled and translated exhibition which were presented in Ireland from Persian Arabic to English.

  • Compiling a publication in the name of afghan New Year custom in Persian and English in 2003 and 2004 by Nasruddin Saljoqui.