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Afghan Community & Cultural Association Of Ireland


Music In Refugee Life Publication (click to download)

Caligraphy Publication (click to download)

  • Compiling and publishing the book Music and Theatre in Herat Afghanistan compiled by Nasruddin saljuqi. This book was published by Toos Publisher Company in Tehran. The cot of the published funded by International Centre for Dialogue among civilization in Tehran, Iran. This book published in 2200 copies and on the sale. A few of this book is on the sale in the Toos book store which is located in front  of Tehran university. The cover can be viewed here here.
  • Compiling and publishing a book Beauties of Art including the biography of Herati calligrapher and miniature painter from Timurid Kingdom till now. The book was published in Tawana Publisher House in Herat Afghanistan in 2007. This book can be found in Ibn Arabi Book Store beside Herat Public Library in Park Gulha in Herat Afghanistan. The cover can be viewed by clicking here
  • Preparing a small publication about the history of calligraphy in Galway library.
  • Compiled and translated exhibition which were presented in Ireland from Persian Arabic to English.
  • Our Afghan translator serves assist justice department and other Offices, when new arrivals are coming in Ireland.
  • Compiling a brusher about an afghan exhibition of calligraphy and miniature painting by Nasrudding Saljoqui.
  • From Dunbura to Guitar: The Diaspora of the Afghan Musician compiled by Nasruddin Saljuqi, published by Choice Publishing Book Services in Dublin 2014.
  • Afghanistan folklore literature compiled by Nasruddin Saljuqi. Published in Herat Afghanistan Digest 2013.
  • Genjeehehe Noor: The Collection of Poems from Muhammad Omarl Mosti Saljing. Collected and footnoted by Hasradd Saljuqi. Published in Iran Mashhad in 2011.