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Afghan Community & Cultural Association Of Ireland


ACI - Afghan cultural association is new in Ireland, the member of association were active in Ireland and they voluntary could participated to the number of cultural program as follows;

Exhibition and festivals:

  • Presenting Photograph Exhabition and Afghan Craft on 17th June 2002 in Equality Authority in Dublin. Watch the video here. <a 
  • Attendance to optimal avenue International multi media cultural festival between Dublin and Massachusetts on may 2001.
  • Presenting exhibition of Afghan calligraphy and Afghan women crafts in civic museum on 3rd of May 2001.
  • Attendance an exhibition of intercultural Art in celebration of world refugee day in June 2001
  • Presenting exhibition of Islamic calligraphy of Herat Afghanistan in Galway library from 8th to 19th of January 2001.
  • Afghan craft and photograph exhibition in equality authority on June 2002.
  • Exhibition of Afghan Calligraphy and miniature painting from Herat-Afghanistan in Ilac centre library in Dublin from 23re of March to 30th 2004.

Media and Interviews:

  • Giving information about afghan culture and Afghanistan situation trough National Radio, Morning Ireland, Radio one world, RTE 1 - 2 -3
  • Interview with Sunday world, Sunday independent, Irish times Sunday tribune, Galway advertiser, Galway express, Mirror
  • Giving articles about afghan culture to Metro monthly cultural paper.
  • The film of Multi media cultural festival that presented in Dublin reported and broadcasted to the centre of afghan German cultural program in Hamburg T.V. in 2002.
  • Presenting (9) track of Afghan music CD to Ireland Radio and T.V.
  • Interview with Irish examiner, Sunday Independent, Herald on 2003.
  • Interview with Metro Eiarne in 2004.

Anti - Racism activities:

  • Attendance to the Amnesty International Irish Section as Minority Ethnic Advisory Group for monthly meting.
  • Attendance Impact, International day against Racism conferences in 2002.
  • Attendance to SARI sport against racism Ireland on 3rd of may 2003 and 2004 and presenting Afghan food exhibition.
  • Presenting Afghan Calligraphy and miniature painting form Herat-Afghanistan to eve of International day against racism in Ilac library in Dublin city form 23rd of March to 30th of March 2004.
  • Attendance to a number of seminars and meetings in Ireland.