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Afghan Community & Cultural Association Of Ireland
Proposal & Aims


The Afghan Community and Cultural association of Ireland has future proposals and aims as follows:

        To be active in international cultural exchange .

        To celebrate especial holidays and festivities for Afghan living in Ireland

        To act on behalf Afghan living in Ireland.

        To support Afghan refugee and asylum seekers .

        To publish a regular newsletter in English.

        To establish cultural links with all organization in Ireland and a broad.

        To assist and advise organization who run projects in Afghanistan.

The Afghan Community and Cultural Association of Ireland has met some of its aims and objectives:

        The community supported Afghan refugee and asylum seekers when they felt a need.

        The community established links with more than 70 organization such as NGO and governmental organization.

        The community ran a number of New Year festivals for Afghan and Irish guests.

        The community ran a number of calligraphy and miniature painting, photographic and craft exhibitions in Ireland.

        Due to the invitation of the Irish festival team, the community performed a number of concerts in Ireland.

        The representatives of the community are contributing a number of government and nongovernmental organization conferences and meeting every year.

        Members of the community have taken part in the research of Ireland and have supported student research.

        The community contributed a number of media programs regarding the life and experiences of refugees.

        The member of the community had a number of media interview with National Radio, Morning Ireland, prime times , FM south, Near Fm , RTE 1 – 2- 3 and with the paper such as sundry world, Sunday tribune, Sunday independent, Mirror, Galway press, Galway advertiser, Metro and supplying articles.

        The community member passed a radio training and run radio programs and multilingual programs

        The community compiled and published booklets, leaflets, newsletter, brochures, and books.